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Specialty Products

Alpha lubricants has an extensive offering of specialty products including spray lubricants, pour-in additives for oil and fuel, and specific problem solving lubricants.

Alpha Earth Guard Rock Drill Oil

Alpha Earth Guard Rock Drill Oil is a high quality lubricant specifically formulated to be environmentally friendly. Our Rock Drill oil is designed for use in rock drills, percussion drills, pavement breakers, and jack hammers.

Alpha Diesel Fuel Conditioner

This is the fuel conditioner of the future. Alpha Diesel Fuel Conditioner helps increase engine life and power by keeping the internal parts of the engine cleaner, aiding combustion, neutralizing acids and holding carbon, varnish and gum in suspension. It also helps prevent corrosion caused by H20 (water). After using our Diesel Fuel Conditioner you will experience increased fuel economy and horsepower. Your engine will burn cleaner and the life of the fuel injector will be extended substantially.

Alpha Flushing Solvent AW32

Sludge, varnish and other harmful deposits and debris in moving machinery are a major cause of wear and shortened machine life. Alpha Flushing Solvent AW32 effectively removes these from gearboxes, hydraulic systems, compressors, transmissions, engines and nearly any other oil lubricated system. This product contains no petroleum solvents because petroleum based solvents cannot effectively remove petroleum derived residues. Please contact your local Alpha Lubricants distributor to assist in determining the correct dosage for your application.

Alpha Performance Booster

Our premier state-of-the-art additive that puts our products above and beyond any lubrication product on the market today. It is a 100% liquid synthetic oil additive used at levels up to 7.5% by volume in all of our products with the word “Premium” in the name. Alpha Performance Booster is to be used in motor oils, hydraulic fluids, gear lubes, compressor oils and almost any other lubrication products. Alpha Performance Booster substantially increases machine efficiency by increasing lubricity and thereby reducing friction, heat, noise, vibration, and wear. We highly recommend flushing all systems with our Alpha Flushing Solvent AW32 before adding any product with our Alpha Performance Booster in it. Alpha Performance Booster is available in cases of 1-quart bottles, 1-gallon jugs, 5-gallon pails and 55-gallon drums.

Oil Analysis Test Kits

We offer Wearcheck test kits. Wearcheck is an Independent 3rd party company that will send you a detailed report about your used oil.

Alpha Megamoly Spray

A heavy duty gear lubricant to be used on open gears, bearings, chains, cables, wire ropes and pinions.